8 Reasons Your Landing Page FAILS 

 July 13, 2020

By  Koen De Wit

A landing page is part of a funnel and in most cases a landing page is specifically designed to convert visitors into leads or customers. Typically, a landing page is created for a specific audience or campaign.

But why do a lot of landing pages not bring the results they’re supposed to and just flat out fail, even after having put hours of work in.

8 Reasons Your Landing Page Fails


Your message needs to be CLEAR and CALL OUT your niche. WITHIN 3-7 SECONDS people need to know whether it is for them, what it is and what the value proposition is.

Those first few seconds will determine whether people stay on your page and further investigate your content, or leave.

Pro tip: Check your pages bounce rate, if it is very high, you are either not targeting the right audience, or it is not clear what you offer.

2. You Include Navigation

Navigation in terms of menus, links to other parts of a website etc. WRONG! Your landing page should have ONE clickable link, your CTA, nothing else.

A landing page has one mission, convert your audience, not letting them wander off to other parts of a website.

You WILL lose your audience’s attention and your page will fail in its objective if you allow navigation.

Pro tip: Only have ONE CTA and repeat the same CTA several times on your page (without overdoing it).

3. Your CTA Doesn't Stand Out

You need a high color contrast; contrasting colors are higher on the visual hierarchy making them simpler to spot and draw attention to.

Avoid RED as this is the color of danger and stop (don’t press the red button 🚨)

Pro tip: Split test different versions of your page, change CTA position and colors and test which one performs better.

4. You didn’t include urgency or scarcity

Sometimes we all need a little push (limited time offer, only 10 left in stock…).

Pro tip: Make sure it is authentic, include timers that run down.

5. You're Asking Too Much Information

Your signup form had too many fields! If you don’t need to ship physical goods, you don’t need peoples address. If you are not calling or texting, don’t ask for a phone number.

Only include the fields you need, fewer means less friction and higher conversion rate.

Pro tip: Check your own behavior, how eager are you to share unnecessary personal information in forms?

6. You Don't Use Emotion

Your content is not emotionally-driven and focusses on features, not benefits.

People don’t want information, they want transformation. People don’t buy into something; they buy their way out of something (usual a pain point/frustration/problem).

The three core desires that drive action are:


Pro tip: The 3 most effective emotional triggers are Dreams – Fears – Failure. Link those with desires and you have a winner.

7. Your Value Proposition Is Missing

You didn’t include a clear value proposition and show the promised land (what problem will you solve, what would life look like after the purchase).

Make sure you include social proof (testimonials) that show your value proposition delivers on its promise!

8. You Didn't Include Testimonials

You didn’t include testimonials! See Reason 7, if you don’t prove your solution works by sharing experiences of others, your value proposition carries no weight and can easily be dismissed.

Pro Tip: Give people an incentive to leave a review, on Facebook, TrustPilot etc…. Include your request with your delivery or within 24h after delivery.

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Koen De Wit

Koen is an accomplished marketing strategist and funnel builder.

With his very strong marketing foundation, he identifies quick which areas of your digital strategy need optimizing to have an immediate impact on your returns.

As a Master in Persuasion trained by legendary copywriter Jon Benson, he will super charge all your marketing copy to turn your results around from mediocre to stellar.

Koen De Wit

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