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In our digital advertising agency we spend more time fixing flawed funnels, correct tracking mistakes, setting up missing email sequences.

What usually starts with “my ads are not working” is just the tip of the iceberg of issues that need correcting BEFORE running ads.

What  10+ years of marketing experience taught us is that marketing is more than a skill. It is a combination of several pieces that need to be aligned so they can turn together, one piece missing can be the reason for failure.

With the revolution of the internet and birth of digital marketing, it seems just about everyone can have a go at marketing and even start a ‘digital agency’, with little or no background or experience, telling others how to do it. Blame clever marketers such as Tai Lopez, Dean Graziosi (to name just two) for this trend but there are hundreds of internet gurus born every minute on YouTube.

This created an environment were many aspiring entrepreneurs start, highly motivated and hyped up by the next big revelation (The Secret to...) or ultimate solution (The definitive Blueprint of....), but without a marketing background and complete knowledge of buyer/decision making behavior, it just stays all hype and they burn up very quickly.

Fix That Funnel helps motivated, but lost, entrepreneurs find their way to success by setting up solid foundations, or fixing leaks in existing funnels.


Koen De Wit

A Marketing genius with an insatiable appetite to absorb knowledge


Rico Stapel

A Zoho Certified Partner and Systems Integration Specialist


Yoh Dawson

A multi talented designer who attended some of the best design schools in Asia

SEO and Google

Adam Lurie

Google's go to man! Takes sites up the rankings like to best with proven methods


Raghib Shahriyer

JavaScript, Html, CSS... no script is a mystery and Raghib masters them all


Mariel Guilanda

The Force that keeps the ship steady and ploughing forward

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