Apple iOS14 Update – Should you panic? 

 January 24, 2021

By  Koen De Wit

There are  plenty of questions and confusion around  the Apple iOS14 update, sometimes with wrong information and even panic.

Chances are, if you have an iPhone 6 or higher, that you are already running on iOS14, the latest version is iOS 14.2, which was released November 18th 2020.

So what we are talking about here is the next  iOS evolution, version 14.3 or 14.4  (only Apple knows when they will introduce these changes). 

Rumour has it will be Q1 2021, and  it will affect how Facebook can track user behaviour on Apple powered devices.  

Tracking online behaviour will be heavily restricted on Apple devices, this will have an impact ROAS (Return on Adspend), as retargeting becomes more difficult. 

As marketers, we have to adapt and change our ways.

Is it all bad?

It's certainly not good if your business relies heavily on Facebook advertising, which  already is strategically wrong. You should never have all your eggs in one basket.

If you have, this is the best incentive to diversify your customer acquisition. It might hurt short term, but long term your business as a whole will have stronger foundations.  If one platform throws a hissy fit, the impact for you will be less as you have diversified your customer acquisition.

Should you panic?

No, you still have time to adjust. 

Not everyone on an Apple device  will upgrade straight away. Speaking for myself, I usually wait several weeks as I don't want to be the guinea pig.

There are always bugs on updates and I wait until all the bugs are straightened out. 

Optimize your Facebook account

There are few things in the back end of your account you should verify and put in place to minimize the effect:

  • Verify your domain name with Facebook (you can add your domain in your Business Managers Business settings under Brand Safety)
  • Don't use URL redirects
  • Optimize for 8 or fewer conversion events

Do THIS immediately

Start collecting email addresses and phone numbers, so you can retarget people there.  People are always resisting giving personal information, UNLESS if you give them a good reason to do so.

Your focus for 2021 should be more on email and SMS marketing, no way around that.

There are easy persuasion tactics that will melt away any resistance to obtain correct information (we've all put in fake emails and/or phone numbers, haven't we?)

Intrigued how to solve this?

Set up a call here and we'll go over this, at no cost to you!

We ace at email marketing

As full stack funnel builders, we always stressed the importance of email follow up with our clients. After all, a funnel is more than a landing page.

We have been writing email sequences for our clients for years, with great success. Here are some of the comments we got:

Robert Bencivenga

MindSet Coach

Let me say the email sequence is extremely well done! And I have to term it brilliant and very creative in the use of existing writings, and “sequencing”.

I also must say, whoever wrote them has a good feel for the subject matter, tone and approach.

Ahmad Kargar


Wow, these re-ignite emails to send to my 'dead' contacts are truly amazing. Very powerful and precisely crafted.  Your team hit the nail on the head again. 

And btw, those abandoned cart emails you wrote are converting like crazy!

The money is in the list

You may have heard that one before, but now, with this update, it is more true than ever. If you have not taken list building seriously, you should now.

Building funnels with email collection is not that difficult, there are subtle ways to do this very early in the funnel so that you can build your email strategy out to maximum effect. 

Here some email strategies to monetize your list:

  • Nurturing Sequence: build a connection, gain trust, build your brand 
  • New Client Sequence: reduce refunds by creating a strong bond with your new client
  • Abandoned Cart Sequence: bring people back into your funnel and entice them to complete the buying process
  • X-Selling Sequence: introduce other products you have to your list
  • Re-ignite Sequence: fire up your dormant contacts with compelling email copy

If you like to know more on compelling email marketing, give us a shout here.  We will create a strategy for you and get your sales back on track!

We get asked a lot 'which software do you recommend?'.  While we can build email automation on any platform, we do recommend Active Campaign for several reasons. It's not only the best at setting up advanced automations in a very simple way, they also have the highest deliverability %. 

And there is Android

Nothing changes there, 60% of people are on Android powered devices. And if you read above, of the 40% on Apple devices, maybe 3-5% will upgrade short term.

Many users on older iPhones will never update and it will take a long time before people change over from older models. iPhones are not cheap! I used my 7plus for 4 years and just recently got the 11 (price dropped enough after the 12 was launched for me consider the change. I even got over $200 for a 4 year old model).

I want to know it all... Geek me out!

There are much smarter people than me that can explain the impact much better.

Being part of paid Masterminds comes with the perks, getting the best and latest info. My buddy Nick Shackelford published this PDF on his site and made it available in the Adleaks Platinum Community.

Read it HERE

Be warned though, it's heavy reading , you might get dizzy. Those that want can geek out to your hearts content and find EVERYTHING you need to know about the Apple iOS14 Update.

More about Adleaks HERE

Nick Shackelford lives HERE

Koen De Wit

Koen is an accomplished marketing strategist and funnel builder.

With his very strong marketing foundation, he identifies quick which areas of your digital strategy need optimizing to have an immediate impact on your returns.

As a Master in Persuasion trained by legendary copywriter Jon Benson, he will super charge all your marketing copy to turn your results around from mediocre to stellar.

Koen De Wit

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