Best Funnel for Your Business, Which One? 

 May 2, 2020

By  Koen De Wit

Cold-Warm-Hot? A Deal Breaker if wrong…

Depending on the temperature of your audience (cold-warm-hot) your message has to be different as you are seeking a different outcome.

To understand the temperature of your audience and how that influences your message, copywriting genius Eugene Schwartz explains this brilliantly in his acclaimed book Breakthrough Advertising:

Eugene Schwartz' Awareness Stages



Cold - If he/she is not yet aware of what he really seeks, but is concerned with the general problem, your headline starts with the problem and crystallizes it into a specific need.


Desire Aware

Warm - If he/she is not aware of your product but only of the desire itself, your headline starts with the desire.


Product Aware

Hot - If your prospect is aware of your product and realized it can satisfy his desire, your headline starts with the product.

Framing and Pre-Framing

Framing is the art of shaping behavior, thoughts and expectations of your prospects.

Change the frame of mind (mindset) of someone and you will change the outcome.

With pre-framing you let people know in advance what to look for in your message and pave the way for your message to be well received. A pre-frame can eliminate potential doubts, objections, hesitations, etc.

The Pre-Framing Bridge

You have to bridge the gap where your prospect is in relation to your service and product, at the START of your funnel.

The wrong bridge (or none at all) will have a severe negative impact on your end result, on the other hand, done properly will create massively profitable funnels.

The temperature of your prospect will determine which bridge you need.

The Problem:

A cold audience that is only general aware requires a long pre-frame bridge, with several steps to warm them up, make them desire aware before making them product aware.

A warm audience that is already desire aware, will need at medium pre-frame bridge, they not aware yet of you and your product to solve their desire. This relationship with you needs to be build up first.

A hot audience that is product aware, only needs a short pre-frame bridge, direct to your product.

The Solution:

What you need will depend where you are with your audience and will be tailored to you. It is best to schedule a free Q&A call with me to go over this.

Conversion Funnels

There are many types of funnels and many different variations, but we can divide them in several categories. Which funnel is best for YOUR business will depend on what you offer.

Webinar Funnel

Webinars are usually used for higher ticket offers that require more education of the prospect before asking to the sale. Because your prospects are investing their TIME to attend your webinar, the intent is already high and your pre-frame has been set.

Webinars don’t necessarily have to be live, live webinars tend to have higher conversion rates, but are much more time consuming and can’t run 24/7. An evergreen webinar funnel can automate and bring you consistent revenue over time.

Product Funnel

 Getting attention by offering an irresistible low offer and then use several up- and down-sells to increase the average cart value.

The email automation added at the back end is designed to bring prospects back into the funnel.

 FREE plus Shipping  offers are very effective. 

Lead Gen Funnel

A relatively simple funnel and used in some form as part of most funnels. You give something of value away for free, in exchange for contact details (email) and from there your nurturing will start.

Below example uses  an ebook to get attention and from there the process starts.

Mini Course Funnel

This funnel can also be used to promote your course by signing up prospects for the first 3-4 segments and turning lukewarm audiences into warm and hot.

After the mini course (or during), don’t forget to prompt to sign up for the full program.

Membership Funnel

Depending on the type of product, these funnels can have many different variations.

Below is a funnel for gym memberships which requires more direct contact over the phone and messenger.

We barely scratch the surface, there are Survey/quiz funnels, E-commerce funnels, Application Funnels, etc.  but you get the idea. 

If you want to learn more on how to implement your best funnel, please click the button to find out! 

Koen De Wit

Koen is an accomplished marketing strategist and funnel builder.

With his very strong marketing foundation, he identifies quick which areas of your digital strategy need optimizing to have an immediate impact on your returns.

As a Master in Persuasion trained by legendary copywriter Jon Benson, he will super charge all your marketing copy to turn your results around from mediocre to stellar.

Koen De Wit

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