How we generated 500+ leads less than a buck a pop, on a shoestring budget, in 2 weeks

An Lead Generation Case Study


The Objective

Robert Bencivenga from An Awakened Mind approached us to help him with lead generation through Facebook Ads.

The Client

Robert developed a Mindset Course, the Mind Release Method™,  which draws on 40 years of studying ancient Eastern Spiritual practices.

The Problem

He THOUGHT he had everything ready, a website, his separate landing pages and a lead magnet (an ebook).

However, it was on the wrong platform, the design and User Experience was well off what we deemed acceptable.

We pointed out several basic things that were very wrong to explain why we would accept a Facebook Ads Management assignment.

Driving paid traffic to a page or site that isn’t properly designed and conversion optimized is always going to hurt conversions, no matter how good the ad.

We didn’t want to do him a disservice.

The Concept

There are certain design standards that are an absolute must, it needs to support a clear message.  

Robert is a very knowledgeable and serious coach, but not a designer nor an UX specialist.

This site was NOT doing him any favours and was seriously damaging his brand and credibility.

Roberts old site, before the redesign. Pretty awful, don't you think?

The Make Over

The Tools

Lead gen pages can be built on several platforms, very soon though Robert needs a platform that can host his courses, take payments, is SEO friendly etc… In short, a solid platform that can handle growth.

We are experts developing platforms on WordPress with Thrive Themes, which ticks all the boxes, present and future.

The WordPress site we developed now host his present site, the lead gen pages and soon his courses.

The Ebook Snag

The content was great but the design and the flow were terrible.

Because the ebook is pivotal in our signature Facebook ad campaigns, we also redid the design and turned it from drab and sad into something stunning.

The old version of the Ebook

The Redesigned Site

The An Awakened Mind brand didn't even have a logo! 

We started with that, improved the copywriting throughout all the pages and then started working on the visual presentation. You can see the end result for yourself on

That's a helluva lot better, no?

The Redesigned Ebook

The redesigned and vastly improved Ebook

The Execution

The Landing Pages

With the website and ebook completed, we tackled the last part of the puzzle. The page we would drive paid traffic to (the money pages).

A money page has only ONE aim, in this case to get a lead, so you will only find ONE link and ONE Call To Action on money pages.

This is to avoid distraction, you will never see a navigation menu on a landing page.

If you are driving paid traffic to your website that has lots of links and clickable options, you are making a BIG mistake.

The Research is 80% of the result

Landing pages are only as good as their ability to resonate with your audience’s pains, needs and frustrations.

The copywriting on these pages is crucial!

Together with our client, we spend several hours on creating the ideal buyer profile (also known as persona or avatar).

Never underestimate the importance of research! 80% of your result lies in the research.

The Setup

This is a very clean and clear page. Deliberately kept simple with a pop up window that will open when people click the button. 

You can visit that page here.

Lead Magnet Funnel Landing Page

The Journey

Foundations First, Then Ads 

With all the pieces of the puzzle now completed, we finally get to the part that most inexperienced marketers would tackle first, the media buying.

Magic Bullets Don't Exist

Social media marketing is incredibly powerful and rewarding, but expecting overnight results will lead to disappointment.

We have a tried and tested framework in place, The Rapid Fire Blueprint, which optimizes the testing phase and eliminates wasting budget.

Preparation Pays Off!

Out of the gate we were getting excellent numbers with very high click-through rates and high conversion rates.

These are the 2 metrics that tell you whether you are reaching the right people with your offer and that the lead magnet works.

An ad Click Through Rate of 1% is considered the benchmark on Facebook, if it’s lower, there is a disconnect. Most good ads will be 1-2%

We are hitting 4-7%, which is phenomenal (see RESEARCH!).

Click to see leads for 61 cents! In a HIGHLY competitive niche

Industry standards for Landing Page conversions are around 20%. If you don’t hit that, there are issues that need addressing.

We are hitting 65-75%, which even surprised me (again, see RESEARCH!).

Our Steps to Success

  1. 1
    Know your audience! Together with all our clients, we have checklists and blueprints to make sure we reach the right people with the right message!
  2. 2
    We never stop testing! You never know what’s lying around the corner. We continue testing and found audiences that generated leads of 55 cents, that’s FOUR TIMES cheaper!
  3. 3
    We tweak ad copy, test different headlines, creatives and with every adjustment CPA’s steadily dropped and sales increased.

 Some Also Bombed...

You have to miss also to learn. It's part of testing and not everything will always work!

If you have good parameters set from the beginning, you can recognize the losers quickly and cut them loose.

These two were cut quickly!

The Future

Expand and Scale

We are currently building out the trip wire funnel and later this year we will help Robert launch his course, The Mind Release Method™.

Thanks to the dirt-cheap leads we are collecting now, we will have a nice big list we will monetize.

The course price has not been set yet (we will test that) but should be between $497 to $997, not a bad return on leads that are less than a buck!

The Power of List Building

We are adding a lot of new email addresses to the database, allowing for future sales through email marketing.  Not every interaction leads to a sale, but we have the ability to stay in touch with everyone and nurture the email lists.

Different Applications

Robert's upcoming course

Your Next Steps

It will work for your business too

Funnels are used in every niche. For physical products, SaaS (digital) products, services, coaching.... from brick and mortar businesses (gyms, plumbers, restaurants, etc.), to service providers (dentist, chiropractors, lawyers) and online coaches.

Funnels will drive your sales, get you leads and propel your business forward in a way you will never achieve with a conventional website.

If you would like to see if funnels are a good fit for your business, or your would like to optimise an existing setup, just book a FREE 30 minute discovery call below.