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How we dropped CPA -92%, increased sales +490% with

a -40% reduced budget 

Biogena USA Inc. Case Study


Biogena is an international brand, selling top end premium supplements. They are based in Austria with a very dominant position/marketshare in Europe, mainly in the German speaking territories (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

The 5-year company vision is to have a share of $40-50 million of the US ' premium supplement market by 2025.

They entered the US market November 2019.


  • Lack of brand name recognition

A well-respected brand in Europe with very profitable sale channels, but struggle to get any traction with the strategies that work so well in Europe.

  • Lack of data

Persona avatars that work in Europe are not performing in the US market.

  • Conventional E-com store website

Driving traffic from ads direct to the E-com store, which gets phenomenal ROAS in Europe, is badly faltering across the big pond.

The Solution:

Focusing on a handful of products (more than 100 available) and build a sales funnel around these products.

The funnel flow includes landing pages with bump offers to increase AOV (Avg. Order Value), several OTO’s (One Time Offer) coupled with email automation to bring people back into the funnel.

E-book Lead Gen + Sales Offer 

Direct Sales Offer Funnel

The Results:

  • Landing Page Performance

With tweaks and optimizations we got the Opt-in rate from below 17% up to 36.11% and OTO1 from 6% to almost 17%.

The second OTO is not performing at all, there are several reasons for this and testing different products and pages will become a priority in the next step. We are also aiming to increase to 20% for OTO1

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising

We started with a brand-new ad account in a new market with no prior data.

Several audiences and products needed to be tested, with no pixel data or any customer lists, it was not possible to build any powerful LLA’s to help with conversions.

It took several weeks to find the best cold audiences and the best funnel (and offer) to start to get more traction.

First breakthrough dropped the average CPA from €183.5 to €13.5 (-92% CPA improvement). This was accomplished when the right ads with audience, funnel and offer came together.

Next breakthrough happened after the first LLA’s could be built and CPA dropped from €13.5 to around €4.

June 12-Aug 8, struggling campaign with over €3741 in ad spend and little progress 

Aug 8-26 with significantly less ad spend, €2211, a +490% increase in sales and a -92% drop in CPA

LLA's performing very well with CPA of €3-4.5 (down from an average of €183.5!


A well-respected brand in one geo location can not expect to replicate that success in a different location, especially in a competitive market.  A new market requires a different approach, lots of testing and patience.

We have cracked now one product and have one well performing funnel that can be scaled. Currently this is ONLY running in just 4 US States and only targets women. 

The options and area for growth are enormous and with the right marketing agency as your partner you can succeed.

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