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Strategy Calls

Improve Conversions on Blog Post

Problem: Enough visitors, but very few sign-ups

Solution: A few simple tricks to get more conversions out of the page.

Length: 7 minutes

Landing Page Flow Optimization

Problem: Poor lead quality

Solution: Wrong funnel set up for the desired objective and unneccesary steps that increase drop offs

Length: 11 minutes

Home Page Optimization

Problem: Robert hired an other agency to redevelop his site and as they aren't as marketing driven as he hoped for, he asked us to have a look and give him some optimization tips.

Solution: Tweak certain sections, change video and increase load speed.

Length: 55 minutes

Fastest Way to Understand Your Visitors

Discover what users do on your website pages. Find out where users click, how far they scroll, what they look at or ignore and improve the flow of  your pages.

A tool that lets you see how your visitors are really using your website with session recording,  instant playback and heat maps. You can start for FREE!

Strategy Calls

Charity Landing Page

Problem: no clear call out to the target and overall messy page. Very good intent but not well organized.

Solution: Tweak copy on the page, rearrange sections and improve CTA's.

Length: 37 minutes

Home Page Optimization

Problem: Sharon Cully is a renowned Business Systems Coach and wanted to have a professional look at her new site for improvements.

Solution: You'll find plenty of tips you can implement on your own sites!

Length: 52 minutes

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