Improve Your Conversions in Less Than 30 Minutes 

 December 28, 2020

By  Koen De Wit

If you put 5 minutes of thought into below 5 elements, in less that half an hour you can already come up with great ideas to improve your landing pages and increase your conversions.

Five Essential Landing Page Elements

1. Your Headline and Sub Header

One element usually forgotten is calling out the target audience. This is important that people know what follows is for them.

You have to make it clear for who the message is.

The sub header draws them deeper in, and both elements have to deliver the Value Proposition (What Is In It For Them).

2. Your Hook

Debunk a common belief most people have in regard to your service or product and link that to your Big Promise or Big Idea.

3. The Frustrations/Problems/Desires

To be able to present your solution to their problems, you need to call these out and then link to your benefits. AND, show the promised land on the other side (what they will get/what will change in their life if they buy your product/service).

4. The Proof

You need to be able to back it up. Testimonials of other people, product reviews, or other things (articles, publications, etc.) that can underline your authority.

5. Your Strong Call To Action

If you don’t tell people what to do or where to go, you can’t expect results.

AND.... The Bonus Section to Really Kill it!


75% of all traffic is from  a mobile device, develop your page with that in mind.

Take it a step further. Develop in mobile first and then optimize for desktop.

Load Speed

We are impatient. Pages that take too long to load get abandoned.

Make sure you optimize your pictures and don't use resource heavy elements to keep your page fast.

Less Text

Say more with less! People nowadays HATE reading (it takes too long) so don't make pages text heavy, use icons and bullet point.

Break up text where you can to make it 'light'.

Koen De Wit

Koen is an accomplished marketing strategist and funnel builder.

With his very strong marketing foundation, he identifies quick which areas of your digital strategy need optimizing to have an immediate impact on your returns.

As a Master in Persuasion trained by legendary copywriter Jon Benson, he will super charge all your marketing copy to turn your results around from mediocre to stellar.

Koen De Wit

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