The Facebook Funnel 

 March 4, 2020

By  Koen De Wit

You ARE missing out

There are few people using sales funnels within the Facebook ads platform and here is why you are missing out.

Facebook is the best online platform to get the highest ROI on your marketing budget and if you are not using the tools of Facebook to create funnels you are passing up on a huge opportunity.

Before we get into this, key steps before starting are:

  • Use the tracking technology available and make sure your Facebook pixel is installed! Please contact us and we will assist you in setting up your Facebook pixel.
  • Make sure you understand that building a relationship and offering value is key to success on Facebook. It is a unique platform and needs a unique approach.
  • The rewards are tremendous and huge ROI’s are possible, but it will take several steps to unlock.

Facebook Is Not Google

No one goes on Facebook to buy things, which doesn’t mean you can’t convert people to buying, but there are some steps involved. Just showing ONE ad telling ‘hey buy this!’ doesn’t work as you are presenting it to a cold audience. Your ad spend will be wasted so you need to use the well known AIDA steps to warm up a cold audience to warm and red hot. (AIDA stands for Get Attention, create Interest and Desire, convert to Action).

How to do this in Facebook, well, they kinda make it obvious right at the start when creating ads and when you chose your marketing objective.

Facebook advertising funnel objectives

Facebook Campaign Objectives

Funnel Step 1 - AWARENESS

Goal: Attract Attention

Key: VALUABLE content

Build a relationship with your audience and connect with the right people by creating valuable content and putting yourself on their radar.

Ways to do this include posting engaging and shareable content on your Facebook Business page. Your future clients will tell you and come to you by Liking, Sharing and Viewing (video) your content. Facebook tracks all these interactions, saves them for you and you can create a blueprint of your future customers using that data!

You can use eye-catching images, infographics, video’s, How To’s, articles on Best way to… Top 5 of…. etc. to draw people to you.

Make sure that all the content you produce is also on your website, and you have your Facebook pixel installed for remarketing.


Goal: Create Interest and Desire

Key: Offer FREE VALUE 

After collecting data on the people that Liked-Shared-Viewed your content, Facebook can create a target audience for you, this audience is no longer cold, but has warmed up and knows of you, so the next steps are creating interest and desire.

These custom audiences can also be your past clients (if you have their email, load them up into Facebook and they will find the profiles for you!), you can also create footprints of those people that visited your website (your installed pixel will do that), maybe they haven’t engaged with your content, but they have been on your site and thus showed interest.

To these custom audiences (warm) you offer something for free in exchange for their email address. This can be a coupon, a contest, an E-book…. Something that has value to them and pulls them deeper into your funnel.



Key: Make LookALike Audiences 

Once you have emails, you have hot leads, this is where your email automation sequence and your email marketing should start, you can run these more traditional marketing efforts in conjunction with hyper targeted and very specific ads to this group.

You have narrowed down your audience from cold to hot leads and your sales efforts should pay off!

But we are not done yet…. And this is where the real Facebook magic happens…. You can create a Lookalike Audience from your hot Custom Audience. Facebook will use its algorithms to find more people (a lot more people) that have the same interests/characteristics/behaviours and present you with a WARM audience based on your efforts!

That is when the floodgates open and you will see why we told you in the first sentence: “Facebook is the best platform online to get the best ROI on your marketing budget so if you are serious of succeeding, start using Facebook funnels!”

Koen De Wit

Koen is an accomplished marketing strategist and funnel builder.

With his very strong marketing foundation, he identifies quick which areas of your digital strategy need optimizing to have an immediate impact on your returns.

As a Master in Persuasion trained by legendary copywriter Jon Benson, he will super charge all your marketing copy to turn your results around from mediocre to stellar.

Koen De Wit

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