The Funnel System that takes businesses from Zero to Profit in 60 Days 

 April 15, 2020

By  Koen De Wit

What is a funnel system?

A funnel system is a series of steps where you guide prospects (traffic),  at each level you satisfy the need/desire your prospects have.

It has a simple formula…. TRAFFIC  + SYSTEM = LEADS => SALES

The deeper you guide your prospects into the funnel, the more defined their need/desire become, the more value you can offer and the more you can charge for your solution to solve that need/desire.

You need only two components to build this system:

  • Prospects (traffic) and
  • Your services/products.

By linking them together, you can build a very profitable system that can almost run on autopilot.

Finding YOUR PROSPECTS is part of the targeting strategy, something we discuss together. We use a series of questions to build your ideal audience of prospects.

Or better, if you struggle to identify your ideal audience, schedule a FREE Strategy call HERE. We will give you valuable tips on how to do this.

How does the funnel work?

Example of Product Sales Funnel

Assuming you have your services/products and we have your ideal audience mapped out, we build the blueprint for your funnel.

Funnel overview

Example of Webinar Funnel

The Diagram above shows it starts on the left where we find your traffic (your audience hangs out online) and we present them with a lead magnet or offer. If accepted, we guide them through a series of interconnected pages, as far down to the right as we can.

We either present products for sale, or collect sign-ups for webinars, guide them to evergreen webinars, etc.

The desired end result  will depend on the individual business and also triggers an email automation to further educate/nurtures your leads and guide them back into the funnel.

Example of Sales Funnel

Lead magnets and hooks

A big part of our Strategy Phase will be exploring different lead magnets for your funnel system and used in the blueprint. These lead magnets and hooks will be extensively tested during the Optimization Phase.

You can read more on how that process works HERE.

To get in front of your audience and start a relationship with prospects, you have to offer something of value in exchange for getting name and email.

Here are some examples of lead magnets and hooks: 

  • Free Report/Ebook or Guide
  • Free Mini Course
  • Free product (pay shipping only)
  • Free Tour/Access to online program
  • .....
Email nurturing

You can’t expect to close everyone on the first contact, depending how problem/solution aware your prospects are, not everyone is ready to pull the trigger there and then.

 That is where email nurturing comes in and plays a key part in your funnel. Staying in contact with your prospects gives you the ability to:
  •   Get to know you and your solution,
  •  Get them to like you,
  •  Gain their trust.

Example of email automation triggered after Ebook download

Crafting compelling email sequences are integral parts of any funnel system and list building should be part of your business priorities.

Koen De Wit

Founder @ Fix That Funnel and DWT Digital


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